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★ liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement
In the use of electromagnetic technology to measure the flow of liquid-solid two-phase flow applications, mainly involves the following two aspects of the problem:
1, Due to the noise interference signal generated by the rubbing electrode of the solid material (related to the concentration), the measurement accuracy and stability caused by the magnetic field interference of the magnetically conductive object. Different technical routes have different abilities to solve this problem. Because of the low sampling rate, square wave excitation technology can not fundamentally solve the above problems and can only be improved by adjusting the excitation frequency and software algorithms to meet the requirements of the equipment under certain conditions (fixed medium, fixed concentration) , Different equipment manufacturers to improve the effect of a certain difference; frequency AC excitation technology should be high sampling frequency (microsecond level), curve reduction technology can completely remove the above two types of interference, to ensure accurate, stable, real-time organic unity.
2, due to the working conditions of the sensor lining damage caused by equipment life issues. Liner life by the solid form (particle size, sharpness), flow rate, pressure, lining material, lining production process and other factors. For media containing sharp objects (such as coarse sand, coral reefs, gravel, pebbles, rocks, etc.), any colloid liner can be easily damaged by scratches. According to different conditions and conditions, choose different lining material, production process is the key to solve the above problems, composite ceramic lining technology with its impact resistance, cutting, stripping ability to become the first choice to improve the working life of the sensor program.
★ nuclear application technology
The use of nuclear detection technology to solve the problem of density measurement during the construction of dredgers has been widely used. Nuclear detection technology has the advantage of non-contact measurement, but due to the mystery of nuclear technology, professional, leading to the use of equipment in the following factors that affect the use of:
1, application personnel lack of knowledge about radiation, leading to blind panic or contempt, the safe place to work hard to get involved, there is a danger of radiation can not effectively identify the area.
2. There is not enough basic knowledge about the design of ray detection technology, the parameters to be calibrated during the process of equipment use are not well understood, and the relevant parameters can not be correctly and completely set, which affects the accurate working of the whole equipment.
3, the lack of technical standards for measurement, equipment performance no uniform evaluation system.
The use of conductive fluid conduit, the flow measurement using electromagnetic flowmeter. Liquid-solid two-phase fluids have their own characteristics, that is, both fluids in the fluid, as well as solids, lead to two distinct differences in the measurement of the flow of a single fluid medium using electromagnetic techniques When working conditions.
First, relative to the situation when measuring a single fluid medium, when measuring the liquid-solid two-phase fluid, the electromagnetic flowmeter electrode will produce a large number of interference signals due to the friction of the solid matter, the content of the solid matter and its nonuniformity, The identification and removal of interfering signals are very important in the measurement of liquid-solid two-phase fluids using electromagnetic techniques. They are not well handled and the accuracy of the measured values ​​deteriorates or even impossible to achieve effective measurements.
Second, due to the presence of solid material, it will produce various forms of friction with the pipe wall during the flow process, including the usual friction and wear, cutting wear and erosion wear, the proportion of all kinds of friction and wear depends on the pipe morphology, Solid content, solid form and uniformity of multiple factors. The level of sensor wear resistance directly determines the service life of the device.
Thirdly, due to the complexity of liquid-solid two-phase fluids, there is no uniform evaluation standard for the performance of such flowmeters in the world. The performance of the equipment can only be determined by the manufacturer based on the performance of the equipment in measuring the single fluid medium Provided by self-declaration. For the user, due to the asymmetry of professional knowledge, it is obviously unrealistic to accurately judge the performance of an electromagnetic flowmeter when measuring liquid-solid two-phase flow from a professional point of view. A relatively rude and easy way to expose the device to its drawbacks is to fill the sensor tube with water (still), friction with the object electrode (a variety of ways), if no flow display, the surface of this device to meet the liquid-solid two Phase flow measurement. Otherwise, its accuracy, real-time, and stability may not be satisfactory (or its declared performance) at the same time.
4, the concept of understanding there is bias, misled by some manufacturers, the life of the radioactive sources and their half-life confused.