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Nuclear density meter
1. Product Function
Measure the density (concentration) of the liquid-solid two-phase mixture by hydraulic transport through the pipe
2.Product Features
1, Radiation protection standard high: under any operating conditions, the source equipment up to the surface 5cm, the use of 60Co radioactive sources, the protection of the standard radiation dose of not more than 5μSv / h; 137Cs radioactive sources, the protection criteria for the radiation dose is not Greater than 2.5μSv / h;
2, the standard of measurement accuracy is high; in the range of working life of radioactive source, the ratio of fresh water counting rate to local counting rate is higher than (inner diameter of mud discharging tube / 700) * 150;
3, long working life of radioactive sources; the use of 60Co radioactive sources, working life standards for 20 to 25 years; the use of 137Cs radioactive sources, the standard working life of 30 years
4, involving low intensity of maintenance work: a special high wear-resistant lining lined pipe to improve the emission efficiency of radioactive sources and working life, reduce the source of sludge discharge pipe repair work;
5, modular structure, convenient and safe maintenance. Radiation source switch seal design to ensure its long-term effectiveness.
3. Product Composition
Device consists of two parts, namely, sensor components, the host.
IDCC Nuclear Density Sensor Assembly
(Including radioactive sources, density measurement tube, ray detector, radiation shield)
IDCC Nuclear density meter host and detector
4. Technical Parameters

Parameter item



Measuring range

1.0~1.6 g/cm³(Adjustable maximum)


Measurement accuracy


Depending on the radioactive source configuration

Host (secondary instrument) power supply



Host (secondary instrument) signal output



Host (secondary instrument) power output



Sensor power supply


The connection between the sensor and the host is a four-wire system

Sensor and the host (secondary instrument) communication distance

No greater than 1000m


Sensor protection rating



Radioactive source selection

Proposal: for the  pipe diameter  less than 850, choose 60Co;
for the pipe diameter less than 850, the choice of 137Cs;


Radioactive source design working life

Recommendation: 60Co for 20 to 25 years;
   137Cs for 30 years;


Radiation protection standards

Source-containing device (sensor assembly) up to 5 cm at surface:
Using 60Co, radiation dose not more than 5μSv / h;
Using 137Cs, radiation dose not more than 2.5 μSv / h;