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Liquid-solid two-phase flowmeter

1.Product Function
Measure the flow of liquid-solid two-phase flow that is transported hydraulically through the pipe.

2.Product Features
1, advanced frequency AC excitation technology, microsecond sampling rate, the measuring system anti-solid material friction and magnetic conductive objects interference ability to achieve the accuracy of measurement results, real-time and stability of the organic unity, the measurement results from the solid The change of concentration and the influence of the magnetic conductive object.
2, long working life sensor, polyurethane lining, composite wear-resistant ceramic lined with the electrode as a whole pouring molding, with excellent anti-wear performance and overall watertight performance, to meet the high pressure, high wear performance requirements.

3.Product Composition
The system consists of two parts, the sensor and the host, as shown in Figure 7:




CWLL/CWBGS Greenwood solid-liquid two-phase flow measurement system


4.Technical Parameters


Parameter item



Measuring range


Exceeded this range, the need to declare in advance.

Liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement accuracy

Better than 1.0%


Work pressure

Professional structure design according to user requirements, the actual case DN1000 reached 5MPa


Transmission medium maximum working temperature

Not higher than 80℃


Pipe diameter



Host (secondary instrument) power supply



Host (secondary instrument) signal output



Sensor and the host (secondary instrument) communication distance

The nearest connection, not more than 1000m


Sensor protection rating



Sensor lining

Polyurethane: for silt, fine sand;
Composite ceramic lining: for coral reefs, sand, gravel, pebbles, rocks

Lining according to the construction medium, mud tube structure designed