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Nuclear density meter

1. Product Function
1, Ⅲ type products suitable for pulverized coal conveying pipeline coal density measurement, involved in measurement, control and interlocking;
2, Ⅱ-type products for steam, slag water, pulp density measurement;

2. Product Features
1, advanced stability algorithm to ensure that the measurement results are stable and reliable;
2, temperature, time compensation automatically;
3, the airtight structure design to ensure that the dust and corrosive gases and the electrical part of the sensor completely isolated;
4, a unique circuit design and selection of electronic components to ensure that the sensor work ability and life expectancy, a complete solution to the problem of keyboard failure;
5, radioactive source switch seal design to ensure the reliability of the switch operation;
6, strict technical standards for radiation protection, with the source equipment up to 5cm surface, the use of 60Co radioactive sources, radiation protection standards for the radiation dose is not greater than 5μSv / h; 137Cs radioactive sources, the protective criteria for the radiation dose not greater than 2.5μSv / h To ensure that users have a high standard of nuclear instruments to use the environment

3. Product Composition
Equipment consists of three parts, namely: host, radioactive sources and source cans, ray detectors.
(A) host

(B) radioactive sources and source cans, detector components


(C) detectors, ray protection accessories




4. Technical Parameters


Parameter item



Measuring range

0-1 g / cm³ (pulverized coal, steam and other media); 0.9-1.3 g / cm3 (slag water); 1.0-1.6 g / cm³


Measurement accuracy

By 1% design

Depending on the radioactive source configuration

Host (secondary instrument) power supply

220V AC


Host (secondary instrument) signal output



Host (secondary instrument) power output

24V DC


Sensor power supply

24V DC

The connection between the sensor and the host is a two-wire system

Sensor and the host (secondary instrument) communication distance

No greater than1000m


Sensor protection class



Explosion-proof Level

level 2


Applicable ambient temperature

-20℃ ~ 50℃, higher temperature need to add cooling structure