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Nuclear material level switch

1. Product Function
1, coal powder gasifier bunker level switch measurement, involved in the control;
2, blast furnace coal feed system powder level switch measurement, participation in control;
3, other high-pressure, high temperature, low temperature silos, reactor vessel level measurement switch.

2. Product Features
1, advanced data post-processing technology and stability algorithms to ensure stable and reliable measurement results;
2, airtight structure design to ensure complete separation of dust and corrosive gases and the electrical part of the sensor;
3, unique circuit design and selection of electronic components (high temperature and corrosive gas environment), to ensure that the sensor in the harsh working conditions of life, completely solve the problem of keyboard failure;
4, time compensation automatically;
5, radioactive source switch seal design, to ensure the reliability of the switch operation.

3. Product Composition
Equipment consists of three parts, namely: the host, radioactive sources and source cans, ray detectors.
(A) host

(B) ray detector



4. Technical Parameters

Parameter item



Host (secondary instrument) power supply

220V AC


Host (secondary instrument) signal output

Switch Signal