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Solid speed meter (capacitance-based)

1. Product Function
1, pulverized coal gasifier pipeline pulverized coal flow measurement, involved in measurement, control and interlocking;
2, pulverized coal injection system pulverized coal flow measurement;

2.Product Features
1, excellent original signal amplification processing (adaptive amplification) technology to make the device more suitable for the production of a wide range of operating conditions, the density range of 60mg / cm3 ~ 890mg / cm3, the maximum to avoid measuring results zero, disorderly fluctuations Phenomenon, to ensure that the measurement results accurate, stable and reliable;
2, within the scope of the determined density conditions, the equipment is used directly, without any adjustment and correction;
3, with advanced correlation and stability of the algorithm, the measurement results accurate, stable and reliable;
4, high wear-resistant, high-strength structural design, unique circuit design and selection of electronic components, has good high temperature performance and resistance to environmental corrosion, to ensure the safety and life of equipment.
5, assembly-type lining design, easy to replace the liner, significantly reduce customer maintenance costs later;

3. System Composition
System consists of two parts, namely, the host and sensor
(A) host (single wall-mounted)

(B) host (plug-in box, a rack of four hosts, a single host two signal output)

(C) Sensor



4.Technical Parameters


Parameter item



Measuring range

0.0 ~ 15m / s (maximum adjustable, usually not more than 20m / s, beyond this range, subject to prior request);


Normal working density range of conditions



Work pressure

The maximum working pressure 6MPa (beyond this standard to be customized);


Transmission medium maximum working temperature



Pipe diameter



Sensor power supply



Sensor output (optional)



Host (secondary instrument) power supply



Host (secondary instrument) signal output



Host (secondary instrument) power output



Sensor and host (secondary instrument) communication

RS485, the distance is not more than 1000m


The sensor is connected to the host

Four-wire system


Sensor protection rating



Sensor explosion-proof rating

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