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Non-nuclear Production Meter

1. Product Functions
  1. measuring the solid phase volume concentration of the medium flowing through the sludge discharge pipe;
  2. calculating real-time production, cumulative production according to the flow, pipe parameters, soil parameters and the measured concentration measurements;

  3. outputing density, flow rate and other parameters for SCADA or instrument display.


2. Product Features

       1, integratedly calculating, displaying, outputting volume concentration, flow rate, production rate, cumulative production;
       2, refer to liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement system;
       3, refer to  the ERT concentration meter;


3. Product Composition


ERT Intelligent Production Measurement System

  ERT Inteligent Production Measurement System is composed of ERT sensors, electromagnetic flowmeter and  ERT host production computer.



4. Technical Parameters

       1, refer to liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement system;
       2, refer to the ERT concentration meter;