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Dredger Production Meter(Nuclear)

1.Product Function
1, measuring the density of the medium flowing through the sludge discharge pipe;
2, According to the flow, pipe parameters, soil parameters combined with density measurements to calculate real-time output, cumulative production;
3, Outputing density, flow rate and parameters for SCADA system or instrument display;

2.Product Features
1, integrated calculation, display, output density, flow rate, yield, cumulative production;
2, refer to liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement system;
3, refer to the nuclear density meter;

3.Product Composition



BGPM-Ⅱγ intelligent production meter system

BGPM-Ⅱγ intelligent production meter by the host, density sensor components, electromagnetic flow sensors and host components.


Production plan portfolio
(A) integrated sensor program:
The flow sensor housing is provided with a pair of mounting brackets, and the radiation source, the radiation detector and the protective cover are mounted on the flow sensor. The advantage is that by means of the flow sensor

Abrasion resistance of the lining reduces the maintenance of the source equipment, which is caused by the breakdown of the discharge pipe when installed in the discharge pipe, and at the same time, reduces the cost of customized density measurement pipe. Its lack

The point is due to the increase of the distance between the radiation source and the radiation detector, the radiation needs to pass through the extra steel plate, resulting in the reduction of the effective radiation efficiency of the radiation source and the loss of the working life of the radiation source.
(B) non-density measuring tube split sensor program:
The direct installation of radioactive sources, radiation detectors and shields on the mudpipe has the advantage of reducing the cost of customizing the density measurement tube. The disadvantage is the damage caused by the mudpipe

Source equipment maintenance workload increases. Emission efficiency of radioactive sources depends on the structure of the mud tube.
(C) with a density measuring tube split sensor program:
The radioactive sources, ray detectors and protective cover mounted on a specially made density measuring tube, density measuring tube lined with the same flow sensor, the advantage of using

Abrasion resistance of density measuring tube lining to reduce the maintenance work load of source equipment caused by the broken mud tube when it is installed in the mud discharging pipe, and shorten the radiation source and radiographic exploration

Interferometer spacing and radiation through the thickness of the plate to enhance the effective emission efficiency of radioactive sources to extend the working life of radioactive sources.
In addition, the density measurement tube placed in front of the flow sensor and flow sensor installed in series, can greatly enhance the life of the flow sensor, reducing the flow sensor

Replacement maintenance costs.
The disadvantage is to increase the initial cost of equipment investment.

4.Technical Parameters
1, Refer to  liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement system;
2, Refer to nuclear density meter;