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Non-nuclear Density Meter

1. Product Functions

    Real-time measurement of solid volume/mass  in liquid-solid two-phase-flow for TSHD, CSD and BWSD. ERT-based non-nuclear density meter  has advantages of high integration, large measurement area and high accuracy, and it's applicable for a variety of complex and variable water environment, furthermore, it can provide the measurement of liquid-solid distribution on cross-section of the two-phase-flow pipeline. Compared with nuclear measurement technology, it eliminates the risk of user’s nuclear management and radiation. Especially under the environment with serious stratified flow and low mixing uniformity it has an unparalleled measurement advantage over the nuclear technology.


2. Product Features

       1.Using non-nuclear technology to avoid users' nuclear management and radiation risk.

       2. The ratio of measured area to cross-sectional area is more than 85%. The measurement results have nothing to do with mixing uniformity and stratified flow pattern. It has better measurement effect for the transport environment of stratified flow such as rock, gravel, pebble, medium-coarse sand and clay.

       3. Special composite wear-resistant ceramic technology is adopted to ensure the sensor service life.

       4. The system is highly integrated and suitable for all kinds of complex and variable water environment. 


3. Product Composition

     Non-Nuclear Concentration Meter(ERT) consist of host processor and sensors.



                                                    IDCC ERT-based Non-nuclear Measurement System 


 4. Technical Parameters






Working Pressure

customized, in real case up to 5MPa in DN1000

can be customized accroding to customer's needs

Transmission medium maximum working temperature

below 80oC


Pipeline Diameter



Host (secondary instrument) power supply



Host (secondary instrument) signal output



Sensor and the host (secondary instrument) communication distance

On-site connection recommended,no more than 1000m


Sensor Protection Degree



Sensor Lining

Composite ceramic lining: for coral reefs, sand, gravel, pebbles, rocks

All adopts composite ceramic lining