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IDCC(China) Launched New Non-nuclear ERT Concentration Meter For Dredgers


Recently, IDCC(China) has released a non-nuclear density meter independently developed by  IDCC and 2 sets of ERT non-nucleardensity meters have been successfully installed on Changjing 6 owned by Changjiang Waterway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. The cooperation between CWEB and China Wuhan Lvlin marks the maturity of Chinese non-nuclear ERT slurry measurement system. For a long time, IDCC(China) has been dedicated to research on ERT technology application to dredging slurry concentration measurement. Its ERT liquid-solid two-phase flow concentration meter was released in April 2019. The overall technical level and product quality are in the leading level in the world as well as China, and have been praised almost by all sides, which has caused continuous social, industrial and media concerns. 


Continuous, stable and efficient dredging plays an important role for improving dredging efficiency and increasing economic benefits of dredging companies. Generally, the adjustment of key operating parameters is assisted by nuclear density meter, but in the actual use of nuclear density meter, the measurement accuracy can not be guaranteed, besides, the daily maintenance and management of radioactive source, the radiation safety risks of the crew, the regular supervision and inspection of EPA and the disposal of radioactive sources after service all result in great management costs and safety responsibilities for users. In addition, due to the lack of professional nuclear operators on dredgers, crews have a strong sense of resistance and fear during the use and maintenance of nuclear density meters.


In order to meet the urgent needs of dredging and technology development in the industry, IDCC(China) has developed a new concentration measurement system by using Electrical Resistance Tomography technology. This innovation system is able to provide a more accurate measurement result, safer operation and more efficient management solution for liquid-solid two-phase flow measurement in dredging industry, which can be applied to all new dredgers and retrofits.


IDCC(China) has successfully developed ERT-based non-nuclear density meter and combined production meter. The combined intelligent production meter IDCC-19 consists of AC excitation flowmeter, ERT concentration meter and intelligent production host computer. All the core components of the system are developed by IDCC(China) and are patented by independent intellectual property rights. 


Since the beginning of 2018, IDCC(China) has carried out a large number of static and dynamic simulation tests in laboratory, and cooperated with 2 well-known Chinese dredging companies to carry out on-site tests under working conditions. Lots of comparative tests of non-nuclear and nuclear technology carried out on Xipan-2 and Tianhu show that ERT system has inherent technical advantages in intelligence, accuracy, efficiency and measuring range of measurement over the traditional nuclear technology.

During onsite dredging test, Xinpan 2 dredged fine-silty sand in inland river and Tianhu dredged coarse sand and gravel in the sea. The measurement data from ERT concentration meter, nuclear density meter and direct sampling were compared and analyzed, it could be concluded that the changes of concentration could be measured by nuclear and ERT meters, the data of the nuclear and ERT were close to that of direct sampling, and the long-term continuous data showed that the overall trend of ERT measurement results was consistent with that of nuclear technology.


In May 2019, two sets of ERT density meters were installed on Changjing 6 with discharging pipe diameter of 1100 mm, tank capacity of 13280 cubic meters, carrying capacity of 19250 tons, and a dredging depth of 45 meters. It is a self-propelled suction dredger with double oars, double rakes and double engines.


IDCC(China) is cooperating with the dredging industry worldwide to promote this green, safe and efficient dredger slurry measurement technology.

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