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Company Indroduction

IDCC(China) Co., Ltd is dedicated  to providing products and service for dredging production measuring with advanced technology and high quality.  IDCC's instruments  have taken the leading position in the dredging industry worldwide, and IDCC has been a reliable supplier of many dredging companies.

Over the past 30 years, with IDCC's professional expertise in material mechanics and fluid mechanics, friction and wear, weak signal processing, software and algorithm, nuclear technology and other disciplines, and years of experience of dredger construction conditions and process knowledge, IDCC has cuccessfully tailored solutions and provided high-quality products and services for customers'dredging requirement. 

IDCC's customers include the  leading dredging companies in China's dredging market, such as Tianjin Waterway Bureau of CSCEC, Changjiang Waterway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Waterway Bureau of CSCEC, Shanghai Waterway Bureau of CSCEC, etc. Global customers include Australian Hall PLANTHIER PTY LTD and others.

IDCC has been one of most popular equipment suppliers  as well as a reliable partner to address special requirements in China's dredging industry, and is committed to being the most popular equipment supplier in the world dredging industry.